Expenses recording

Hello, I’m new to QuickFile and book keeping and have a few queries which I hope someone can help me with!
We are a ltd company running a social console gaming venue, offering children’s parties, group bookings etc. I’m a little unsure with which nominal codes the following expenses should fall under:

-Expenses like helium, cups, balloons etc- expenses that are not resold items but are a regular expense used as part of the service.
-Electrical supplies such as USB sticks, extension cables, plugs, HDMI cables, charging ports.

-We also received a government start up grant to for staff wages, again unsure how this should be categorised?

Any help would be much appreciated
Many thanks

Hello @DaleJ

While the support team can not directly advise where you should post items (as we are not registered accountants nor bookkeepers) we have a support article explaining the category’s you can list them under.


You can create your own nominal codes under the mentioned category’s.


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