Expenses summary by code, with VAT totals

I’m trying to get a summary of my expenses, by code, with VAT totals. It’s not as simple as multiplying by 20%, since I have some VAT exempt expenses

The P&L report gives me only Net totals, no VAT

Purchase Management gives me a VAT column, but with no VAT total, and no ability to search by code that I can see

Can anyone help?

Hi @cjdshaw,

You could export the invoice list and do a total in excel?

You won’t be able to get totals by nominal code as VAT has it’s own nominal code so won’t be included in the expenses.

hope this helps?

Thanks. Exporting to Excel seems to defeat the point of QuickFile though

Since each purchase is tagged with a category, could “Category” not be added as a field in Advanced Search under Purchase Management?

Each purchase is not necessarily tagged to a single category, you can have multi line purchases with some or all lines assigned to different codes (e.g. I often split general purchases from carriage charges). The only place I can think of where you could extract this would be to start from the purchase items CSV from an account backup, filter that by date in excel and then use a pivot table to aggregate the net and vat by nominal code.


It might be easier to be more diligent with tagging - that way I can get quick summaries in Purchase Management. Column totals in this view would still be a nice feature, mind. At the moment, you only get Gross total, and then you can subtract the Net Total that you get from the tag P&L page

Hi @cjdshaw

It may be worth starting a #feature request for the net total value, and that way, if there are any changes, we’ll let you know.

Thanks. I’ve done that here

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