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Exploring Quickfile

Hi, I’ve signed up to Quickfile to try it out for a month prior to (hopefully) adopting it in our new financial year next month. As I am intending to make the transfer, I’d like to do this in a logical way but I am not financially trained. Having looked at the startup advice, it looks like I should load a trial balance from Sage to the end of March, import this and go from there. Is that the best way to go about it?
PS - Limited Company with years of data on Sage.

Hi @WalkerTim,

Yes I believe that would be the best way forward. To enter a TB from sage as your opening balances. If you need to import any invoices then you can bulk enter invoices which may be easier for you?

If not the Trial Balance, what other opening balance figure should I use - opening balance on the bank statement? I’m just concerned that we are running a bit behind, I want to try the software now, I haven’t reconciled everything to get the Trial Balance …

Is the bank statement opening a suitable shortcut I can use without messing the system up for the future?

When you set up your clients you can set them up with an opening balance if you don’t need to import the invoices. You can set up the bank with an opening balance - this will not affect the nominals. So if you chose a specific date you can set everything up with the balances from that date

Hi @WalkerTim

Just to add to what my colleague @QFBeth mentioned, you may find this little tool helpful: https://www.quickfile.co.uk/home/startup

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