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Export Bank Account Transaction


I would like to export all of my account transactions so I can manipulate the spreadsheet and reimport them purchase invoices and client invoices.

I notice I can only do one page at a time, is there a way to export all transactions.

Also I have checked the bank account balance matches with my bank. What happens when you use the reconcile option?


Hi @gbhec

The reconcile option is a tool that just helps ensure your QuickFile bank account matches your actual bank account. It doesn’t add or remove any entries, it’s mainly just a matching exercise. There’s a few more details on this here:

You’re correct in regards to be export option - it is limited to just what you see (at most, 50 transactions). But you can get a full export of the bank, amongst other data, by running an account back up. Please see the below for instructions:

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks it did. I have managed to separate the sales and purchase and I’m going to re-import the data.

I have however noticed all transactions from my EURO account show (I assume) in GBP as the amount is different to the actual. So if i now try and import these transaction back are all the amounts not going to wrong?

As part of importing Purchase Invoice Data I would like to enter the Nominal Code, however I cannot seem to find a list of numbers match the system codes. Can you direct me please to where I can find the list?



Not to worry about the Nominal Codes as I have just come across them under the Chart of Accounts in the Report section.


Have you been able to find out anything on this issue?


If the account is in a different currency them GBP, I believe it should show both the GBP and foreign currency alternative. Is this not the case with your backup?


Hi, no the backup just had the amount column and it looks as though it’s converted all the amounts into GBP. There was no additional column showing currency or exchange rate.


I also notice this topic will close automatically in 1 day. Can this be extended?


I believe there should be a matching amount here. I’ll refer this to our development team and see what they say - they would know better than what I do.

Of course. If it did close, we would reopen it until the issue has been resolved.



Has there been any update on this?


@gbhec - I’m just waiting on a response from my colleague regarding this and one of us will come back to you.



Has there been any update on this?


Hi @gbhec

It’s showing as resolved on 18th and deployed on the 21st. Sorry for not updating you sooner.

Please let me know if you encounter any further problems.


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