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Export client contact data

I’ve seen a few closed posts on Exporting ALL client contact data.
It’s very simple to export the client list and primary contact, but not ALL contacts.
It seems it’s been asked a few times, and over time been closed off.
Can we please add the ability to display a list of contacts, and export that, similar to the Client list you can current view and export, but just for all the contacts.


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Hi @gcotton

Thank you for your request. We’ll leave this open for other members to add their feedback and comments.

The difficulty we’ve always come up against with this one is, I believe, the maximum is 25 contacts per client. At the moment we display the primary contacts in the same file as the Client_Ledger file in the back up. Displaying all 25 side by side in that file would cause some issues for some users.

I understand, multiple contact per line would be awful, but an export of all the contacts as a single contact per line would be useful.

Not an immediate need for us but we would certainly look for one line per contact rather than one line per client.


I have downloaded the backup from dropbox and opened a files called ‘Client Ledger’, It only hold the primary contacts, any chance this could include the additional contacts on the list too?

Hi @Abu_H

I’ve merged your post with this existing thread as they’re related. We’ll continue to monitor the interest in this.

While you wouldn’t be able to produce a CSV file directly, you could certainly extract contact details from QuickFile using our API if you have coding experience. Otherwise, watch this space, as we’ll post any updates or changes here :slight_smile:

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The ability to do a bulk export of client contacts and supplier contact info would be very useful - currently setting up our phone system and I see no easy way to download contacts so I can import them to our phone directory…

It seems a lot of people have this need. With the implementation of GDPR this has to be a must considering the ability to see who & what data we have exported in a simple way without having to code?


@juwelDMC - Let me send you a private message regarding this in relation to your account. Please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner.

@FolkLondon @LC_Hydraulics @juwelDMC @Abu_H @gcotton

Just wanted to let you know that this is now available by doing an account back up. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

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HI QFSupport

Are you able to assist me, I want to migrate all my contacts from one QF account to another. Can you please assist in doing this?

@Mak2202 - I’ve sent you a private message to discuss this with you.

Hello, I need to transfer all my client and supplier details from a QF account when were a sole trader to the new QF account as a limited company. Can you help us with this please?

Hi @lewisea

I’ll send you a private message shortly. Please look for a green notification in the top right.

Hello. It is now August 2021 and I am wondering… Has this feature been implemented in the end? I need it for 3 companies urgently. We are accountants. Many thanks, Alicia

Hi @Alicia

Yes, tis has been implemennted:

You can get the export by doing an account backup

OK, thank you, Beth
Could you direct me to the feature, please?
I cannot find ‘export client contact data’.
I have seen ‘export data’ on the client’s list however, that doesn’t export addresses.
Kind regards, Alicia

Hi @Alicia

As I mentioned you get these details within the account backup - it is not a separate download.

You will need to run the backup - within this backup you will find a file for the client contact data

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Are there any training materials on Quickfile. Any how-to videos?
I am fairly new to this and unlike other accounting software programs I use, finding out how to do something on QF involves an endless amount of mail browsing (often out of date) and info pages that leave questions unanswered.

I still don’t know how to download the client data needed for a mailshot run.

Hi @Alicia

We have a range of support articles here which may help: https://support.quickfile.co.uk

We don’t have any official videos, but I am aware of videos that have been posted by other users on YouTube, so it’s worth having a quick search on there.

The feature @QFBeth referred to can be found by going to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Weekly/Monthly Backups, and click Run Now.

There’s more information on this, here: Create a data backup schedule

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