Export Clients with 'Trading Style'

Hello everyone,

We are currently merging a few QF accounts into one. With each customer I need to modify their details and select the correct ‘Trading Style’.

Is it possible to export the client data along with another column which shows which ‘Trading Style’ they have been associated with? I just want to do a quick, bulk, manual check once I’ve merged the accounts to ensure no mistakes have been made i.e. a client has been assigned to the wrong ‘Trading Style’.

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Hi James,

It shouldn’t be a problem to include this on the export, I will need to escalate this to the development team. In the mean time we can maybe help you over a private message to get a list of clients and the trading style ID on a spreadsheet?

If that’s OK let me know and I will open a private discussion thread?


That would be great, thank you. I’ll get all of the customers imported and then I’ll let you know.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Client backups and exports should now contain the “trading style ID”. You can determine which ID relates to which trading style from within the trading styles area, by viewing the details for each style.

I hope this proves to be useful!

That’s excellent Glen, thank you! :0)

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