Export full nominal ledger report

I am an accountant that has a few clients and bookkeeper that use quickfile. One of my biggest issues is the lack of being able to easily export a nominal report for individual ledgers.

For example as part of my checking work I want to export the directors loan acount for the year and refer to that in my working papers file. In every other system I use I can select a date range for that code and export the data.

As the codes can sometimes span several pages Quickfile seems to only allow this feature on a page by page basis. This takes forever if there are a lot of pages.

Am I missing a trick here somewhere or overcomplicating a report that has this solution?
I have seen mention about the data backup however, this does not do it over a date range and produces the entire history of each nominal, so again more work to extract.

Can anyone advise?

UPDATE (May 2017): We have now restored the detailed ledger report to the Chart of Accounts screen and added a few extra filtering controls. You can find out more about this update here.


You can export a complete ledger extract by running an on-demand backup of the account. Please see the post below for more information:

I think you may have missed in my opening post I am aware of the backup option. This is a real pain to have to do this, especially from an accountants perspective.

Every other system I use has a simple nominal export feature.

It comes down to performance unfortunately. With some of the larger accounts this causes some performance issues which is something we work hard to avoid. By making it part of the on demand backup it relieves some of the pressure caused by this feature.


Just to let you know we are planning to review this shortly (2-4 weeks) when we review the backup routine in QuickFile.

Many previous discussions have revolved around exporting all ledgers, this does have some performance implications. If we were to isolate the backup to a single ledger, it’s less of a problem.

My colleague or I will update you as soon as we’ve made some progress here.

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I am pleased to advise that we have now extended the export option from within the detailed ledger to cover all transactions within a specified date range.

Hope this helps!

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@QFDEMO We have now restored the full detailed ledger export on the Chart of Account screen.

You can find out more about this update here.

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