Export invoice detail to excel

I can tick ‘show all notes’ when viewing and exporting an individual nominal account. It would be useful to have the option when exporting all nominal accounts from Chart of Nominal Accounts>Export Data>A detailed report of all nominal ledger activity.

I believe it’s restricted when downloading the full Chart of Accounts to conserve space. Adding the notes column would significantly increase the file size. I’ll leave your thread open, if other users add their vote we’ll look further into this.

when I export the detailed chart of accounts can i get a column which shows the descriptions i have input when entering purchase invoices

@Vetsy I’ve moved your post here to try keep everything in one place.

If you see my previous commend… It is really a space issue that prevents us from doing this, including notes in the output does add additional stress to the database, on very large accounts this can be a big problem.