Export Invoices of Client

Hello I would like to export monthly, all invoices with are added to one, specify client.

Is it possible?

I saw there is option to Export from ‘Show all sales’ tab, but its limited.

How am I able to proceed and download ALL invoices?

You can get Detailed information about all invoices (summary and Item line) by performing a backup.

This would give you CSV files of all of you date which you can filter/manipulate/cross reference in Excel or similar software.

Please see the link below for more information


I have a related question. I’m setting up QF for old transactions and am asked to create an invoice when I tag a transaction as sales. Is it possible to upload the invoice I actually used instead?

For backups, the invoices I used are the ones I intend to keep on my computer/cloud. So it would really help to use the same ones on QF too. What would you recommend for this?


You have to create an invoice in QuickFile but once you have done so you can upload attachments to sales invoices just like you can with purchases.


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