Export of VAT return has invoices with no Invoice Number

Box 1 and Box 6 have entries with no invoice number. When going to the customer in quickfile these invoices do not appear to be present. Consequently they cannot be amended/ deleted.

2020SpreadsheetVatNo Inv Number

Are you on cash accounting? If so it will be payment dates not invoice dates therefore no inv number

Thank you. These where payments that were allocated to a customers which did not have an invoice. Effectively Prepayments.

When looking at Debtor (Clients) Ageing Report there were no figures in the Prepayment column. The figure did show in the customer dashboard Prepayment column. We have fixed this now but there might be a small issue with the Debtor (Clients) Ageing Report not showing all prepayments.

Hi @egsMaidenHeadNorth

Is this the part that you’ve fixed now on your account? We can certainly take a look at this if this still isn’t accurate.