Export Old VAT Return

I have been asked by HMRC to provide details of some past VAT returns, most of these I can access using the ‘Export’ function but on one older return 09/20 the ‘Export’ function is not displayed.

Is there a way of accessing the details on this return, I am not sure if something changed in QuickFile post this date which means the method of accessing/downloading the detail changed?

The return page design changed at some point around that time, what is now the “export” button at the top used to be “download calculations” or something like that at the bottom.

Hi @russelljulian

Just to add to @ian_roberts’ post, it’s worth noting that the export button only appears if the return was done within QuickFile.

It is possible to view returns submitted outside of QuickFile (data supplied by HMRC). These won’t have any option to export or download the backing data as it’s not something we’d have access to.

If in doubt, by all means, drop us a message with your account number and we can take a look for you.

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