Export profit and loss by month - be careful

I’m trying to create a month-by-month P&L report.

I understand that from within QF this is only available to Affinity clients.

As we don’t have many transactions I was just trying to export each month to CSV and then compile manually in Excel, but when I set the dates for the report it seems to ignore the ‘from’ date. I just get all time transactions up to the ‘to’ date.

Having played around with this I found that it’s important to change the dates in the right order. First change the ‘to’ date then the ‘from’ date. It recalculates after you change each one, but if you change the ‘from’ date and then the ‘to’ date things go awry.

Hopefully this will help anyone else having the same frustration as me.

I’m not aware of this quirk but will refer this post to an engineer to see if they can replicate this behavior.

Are you setting the dates by typing them in the box or from the popup calendar? I can’t see any problem when manually typing them in?

I’m pretty sure I was using the popup calendar.

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