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Export project report data in CSV


Apologies for the delay, the full project list can now be included in your weekly/monthly backups.

You will just need to check the following box on your backup settings.


Good morning,
I am not sure if this responds to my request - I am just trying to export in Excel (csv format) the list of projects and their associated information, as is in the Project Management tab.

Is this what it does? I have never used backup (I thought backup is done on your servers automatically) and I do not know even where to find it…???



Hi @OvidiuS

That’s correct. It’s basically an extension to the export you can do from the project page now. This obviously allows you to view all the projects rather than just 50 at a time.

We do back up all services on a regular basis (there’s a full schedule here), but this is for issues on our end. We encourage all users to set up a back up of their account which gives them access to their own data should the need arises. There’s more information on this here:


Hi @QFSupport

This is perfect - exactly what I needed. Many thanks!


Hi @Glenn @QFSupport,
I noticed that our backup does not back up the projects any longer.

Is there any issue with it please?



We’re not aware of any issues, but I’ll pass this to our development team to check.

Bear with us, we’ll come back to you shortly.


Not sure if this is related but I noticed that if I search my projects to find one of them and search returned 0 results. It looks like the search is not working in Projects. I tried Estimates and seems to be working fine there.

Could you please look into it as well?



I’ll certainly have a look for you. What are you searching for in the projects section? You’re welcome to send this in a private message if you prefer.

As far as I’m aware, we haven’t changed anything here, but will investigate for you


Don’t know how the private message works…

I put in Tag name field a part of the name of the project and it did not work. Then I have also put the whole name of the project and it did not work either.

Sometimes I do not remember the whole name of the project (we’ve got close to 500 projects now), so it is helpful to be able to search just by a string of unique characters.

Any luck with the investigation on why the export stopped exporting the projects as well?

Thanks for your help


None on this one I’m afraid. I’ve done a few tests, but they’ve all worked successfully.

Again, I’m not having any luck with this one I’m afraid. I will send you a private message now - look for a green notification in the top right hand corner


While the option to see the project when backing up is great, why don’t we have the tag AND the nominal code on the same csv file? I.e: The “purchase invoice items” file has the nominal code but not the project tags while the “purchase invoice cvs” file has the project tags but not the nominal code…:frowning:


Hi @Skk

In the back up file, as you rightfully mention, you have the tags alongside the invoices as part of Sales_Invoices.csv and Purchase_Invoice.csv. The difference between the project tag and the nominal code, is a project tag is assigned to the overall invoice, whereas an invoice may have multiple nominals.

Due to this, it’s not possible to list all the nominals alongside the tags themselves unfortunately.