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Export project report data in CSV


Is there a way of producing a printable formatted report from the projects module? Something like the export and print options on the mail P&L report page.
The Project module is a great idea and having a way to publish the project results would be even better!




We can certainly look at an option to export the project backing data to CSV, that way you can open it in Excel and format it how you wish. I’ll leave this open as a “feature request” for now.


Is there a way to export into a CVS the data from Projects?

I can see there was a discussion on the topic but could not find if this was implemented. It would be great o be able to export and analyse the project data.



Hi @OvidiuS

Unfortunately this hasn’t been implemented at the moment. Any updates to this would have been posted above. It’s still a feature request at the moment, however there hasn’t been a bit demand from the community regarding this.

What sort of data were you looking to export from a project? Perhaps we could suggest an alternative way of managing this?


Looking to export projects total income, total cost, so I calculate total margin and then be able to look at the most and the least effective projects.

Could that be done in a different way? My thought was to export in Excel and then play with the data in various ways.



The only option for exporting project data at the moment is by loading up a P&L report for that tag, and click ‘Export Data’

If you go to Reports >> Projects >> Select your project tag >> P&L Report >> Export Data

This will give you the headline figures based on everything tagged to that specific project. Of course, you may even be able to use the data in the P&L report and save yourself a job of exporting it :slight_smile:

Hope that helps?


That means I can only do project by project - which is not really what I want - for that the info from QF is good enough.

How could I access all projects in one export?



Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no bulk project export option. However, keep an eye on this topic and if there’s enough interest, we’ll certainly take a closer look


The projects feature of the program is simply brilliant, however it misses the export capabilities of all projects into csv, where then one could use the data to do a more in depth analysis.

So the feature would be the export facility into csv of all or a selection of projects with associated income and costs.

Thank you


Hi @OvidiuS

How would you prefer the formatting for a CSV report on projects?

We can start by adding an export to the main project list without too much difficulty.

We could then add a more comprehensive report when drilling down onto the project, I expect this would output the header totals and multiple lists with all invoices, estimates, purchase invoices, purchase orders etc. Would something like that work?

Providing detailed reports on multiple selected projects is likely not something we will be able to solve at this stage, so each report will pertain to a specific project.


Hi @Glenn
That sounds great!

To start with, just exporting the whole list of projects as is would be simply what I need. Then, for any additional info, QF is offering the drill down into each project.

An export with all available fields/ headers is the simplest way I believe, and then one can hide or delete columns not required.

At the moment, I am most interested in the following fields:

  • Project/ Tag name
  • Count
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Received
  • Paid
    (so all headers :slight_smile: )

Providing more detailed reports on project would be extraordinary, however I agree that could be done at a later stage.

Could you please let me know how soon such an export (the initial/ basic one) could be implemented?

Thank you - again! :slight_smile:


The initial project list report could actually be done within 1 week. I have logged this to our short term planner and I will try to provision some development time for it later this week.

The detail “per project” report is a little more complex, but I will post this to our mid-term planner for further consideration. I will keep you posted on developments.


@OvidiuS we have now added an export option on the main project list, I hope that covers your requirements for now.


Hi @Glenn - many thanks - it works great, I just tested it.

One thing I would like to ask - when selecting all for an export it only exports first page (or the page you are on).

That means you cannot actually select projects that are listed on different pages nor you can select all and remove the ones you don’t need.

Could you please add either:

  • a LIST ALL button, so you can select either all or some projects you want to export
  • capability to export ALL projects, not just the page you are on - so user could then remove any projects that present no interest.

Many thanks


No problem!

This is inline with how all exports work in QuickFile, it will only export the visible results. This is to conserve resources and to prevent excessive load on the servers. If we have users with 1000s of projects (unlikely but possible) it will put a lot of short term load on the database whenever an export is requested.

What we could do is extend this report to the backup system. Backups run off-peak and with limited frequency so it won’t cause any undesirable performance issues.


Thank you @Glenn - could you please let me know when this would be implemented.


It’s been requested, so I would say 1-2 weeks as a conservative estimate.


Hi @Glenn - do you have any estimate of when this feature would be implemented?


We’ve had to push this back a little as we’ve had other unplanned work during the previous two weeks. It’s still on our short-term agenda so I would say probably another 2 weeks before implementation.


ok - thanks - much appreciated