Export Sage accounts to Quick File

Good morning…

My book keeper has recently left unexpected coursing me lots of stress etc

She done all my accounts on Sage which I now want to stop using and go with QuickFile!!

I’m 4 months into my tax year…

I’m no wizard on a computer… is there some way I can down load all accounts from Sage and Exsport straight into QuickFile… or what is the simplest way???

Would it be better to pay someone to do it???

Many thanks!!!

Hi @A.WasteLtd

If your accounts are accurate, then the best way is to import a trial balance from Sage (we have instructions on how to do that).

You may also wish to check out this quick start up checklist, which should hopefully guide you in the right direction:

Of course, if we can help further, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Another option is to import your bank statement data from the beginning of the year. You can then tag each item on your bank explaining exactly what each item relates to (e.g. sales income, expense, salary payments etc), QuickFile will then build all your backing invoices for you and you should end up with a good set of accounts for the current year.

Are you a sole trader or a Limited company?

The reason I ask is that for limited companies there’s a little more work involved in setting up opening balances for prior years. We do work with a number of accountants so you can easily get a quote for just the work you need by completing our online quotation request form.

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