Export the receipts associated with a nominal report

I use quickfile to manage the finances of my Scout group. Every time I make a purchase I photograph the reciept send it to receipt hub then allocate it to a nominal. At the end of the term I pull a report for the nominal to claim the money back.

The problem is that I need to provide the receipts to claim the money back but there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to access them all. At the moment I have to go into each item in the nominal and right click the attached image view button and ‘save link’ then go to the next one…

The Document Manager allows me to download everything or by date but that doesn’t really help when I need it for a single nominal report or more specific filter.

Could we have more filtering options on the document manager or links to the attached files in the nominal report rather than (or as well as) the quickfile generated receipt.

Are you looking here for a way to download all receipts matching a certain criteria into a zip folder? Are you actually posting these purchases to different nominal codes and need a way to see all purchases by type, e.g. stationery, subsistence, advertising etc? Just trying to get a clearer picture of what you’re trying to achieve.

Wouldn’t you be better using Dropbox so that you can then just save everything from Dropbox when required, rather than having to wade through the Document Manager?

I’ve created nominals for seperate activities (like a camp for example) so when the activity has happened I can just pull a report for that nominal and claim the cost for that camp.

I need to be able to send the receipts to our group treasurer along with the CSV report for the nominal. Basically just export the receipt PDF’s and JPG’s that are attached to the nominal in the date range of my report so I can attach them to an email and send them to someone else.

At the moment I’m going into each purchase record and downloading them individually but that takes a while.

How are you capturing the receipts in the first place, with the iPhone App or CamScanner? I think the only way to achieve what you’re looking for right now is to incorporate this into the naming of the files, just prefix a code to the name, then you can search in the document manager by file name and isolate the receipts you need.

When tagging the receipts you can also use the same idea and prefix the description, then search in the invoice management area. You can then get a list of receipts relating to an activity and just click the small receipt scan icons in the last to bring up the actual scan.

I’ll certainly leave the feature request open and if this is something that others will find useful we can reconsider.

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