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Export transactions as Excel or CSV with Account and Description

I have looked at reports and cannot find what I want.

I want to export a simple Excel or CSV file of all records with the following data:

Bank Account, Date, Description, Money in, Money Out, Account(allocated to), Description(used in Tag)

It would be good to be able to include notes in one column

The last two items are what I tagged the item as.

If necessary I can do this each single account and I can merge my files later.

Hi @Colink

An account backup may be the way forward as this would include all the data on your account.

Certainly worth running it and giving it a go to see what data you get, and whether this is something you could use or adapt - Create a data backup schedule

Thanks for your prompt response. @QFMathew.

The only exported file that includes all income and expenditure items is Nominal_Ledger.csv

The columns are

The Nominal Code tells me which account it was allocated to (though not the account name eg Motor Vehicles)
No details Description I added - eg car Tax
No Notes
No details of what bank account

If anyone has another suggestion I would be grateful

Hi @Colink

Maybe it would be best to explain what you’re trying to achieve and we can suggest a way of doing this within QuickFile?

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