Exporting all data with complete text and all invoice lines

I need to export all my data from Quickfile and ensure it contains the full text for every field and includes all lines for multi-line invoices.

None of the methods I have found do this - I end up with truncated descriptions, single lines to invoices etc.


Hi @JonB_61

Given the nature of the invoices being multi-line, it’s not possible to export them in their entirety. However, the description you are seeing would be a shortened version of the first line of the invoice, or a custom name (depending on your account settings).

What are you trying to do with the export? Perhaps we can suggest an alternative way that would be better suited?

Thanks for the quick response - I am wanting to get a complete copy of the accounts since we started. We are looking at other solutions that are probably not going to be cloud based for various reasons.

I have run the scheduled backup but from what I can see information is missing. Is there a way you can do a backup that does not truncate data?
I would have thought it should be possible to export all invoice data even if it was multiple lines in the csv file with the invoice number and customer details appearing on each line.

Alternatively is there an easy way to get each invoice ‘printed’ as a pdf so they can be stored electronically?

If you’re moving to a different platform, the best thing to do is just reference the data you have in QuickFile (e.g. by importing a trial balance from QuickFile into the new platform).

At present, we don’t delete any accounts or data (but we would give you notice should this change), so you’re welcome to leave your data as it is.

Of course. You can tick the invoices on the invoice management screen, go to More Options and select Print Selected. This would generate a PDF file with the selected invoices in, and email you the link once it’s done. This is however limited to the page maximum of 50 at 1 time.

We would certainly be sorry to see you leave, so any feedback you have relating to QuickFile would be welcomed.

I have found I can print invoices 50 at a time to a single pdf that is emailed to me

I am not sure as yet whether we will be leaving but I need to make sure I have full copies of everything.

We are an IT security company and over the weekend the one thing I found that we had a big risk around was our accounts -

  • not having copies locally

  • not knowing where the data is being kept

  • uncertain of any security certifications you have

So we realized we were telling clients what to do/check but had missed doing them for our accounts. If you are able to assist with info on the last 2 points it would greatly help.

We have also realized the, not being accounts, we have not run end of year for several years so just also looking at the best thing to do about this as accounts are a bit misleading at the moment :frowning:

So all in all looking at the best way forward.


To answer your points of where data is kept and security etc., I recommend taking a look at some of the following links and posts:

I hope this helps, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions

@JonB_61 - I’ve spoken with a colleague regarding the export query, and I thought you’d like to know that it is intended that we add this within the next few weeks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all that info on data security, GDPR etc - that has helped greatly. I am now at the point that I would aim to get clients to - I know where my data is held, how secure it is and can take a regular backup. Thank you again.

My next task is to sort out the accounts so all the reports etc actually make sense and are accurate. I need to look into your end of year processes and work out the best way forward. Possibly whether to work on getting everything right or start again as of 1/12/17 creating a new ‘company’ and freezing the current company with QuickFile


Hi Jon,
The “not running year end” part is easy just run each EOY one after the other, the system will auto create the correct journals for each year in succession

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Hi George,

Thanks for that - I’ll look at getting it run and hope I don’t get confused in the process :slight_smile:

@JonB_61 - Just a quick update to let you know that the invoice lines have been added to the account back up.

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@JonB_61 we now include invoice and purchase itemised lines in the backup set. They are stored in a separate CSV file and keyed to the main invoice via the Invoice_ID.

Hope that helps.

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