Exporting Sales / Expenses in CVS with VAT and description details


I urgently need to export CVS report of my sales/expenses data where the transaction should show if they were vattable/not and vat amount as well as a description.

I had this in my previous software (Accountz), which was fantastic.
I can’t find this anywhere and my accountant is asking for it as it’s getting late.

Many thanks and I appreciate your help

Hello @Hooman

There are several ways to get the information.

You could show the vat net/vat columns on the sales and purchase screens the just export directly to Excel (or similar)


For more detailed information (a listing of invoice item line data) you can use the Backup option. This will give you CSV exports of all of your ledgers.

Hello Steve,
Thank you for your speedy response. Am I right in assuming that the only backup menu is through the All Settings option and that your screenshot for the backup is your Dropbox listing?


Hello Hoorman

Sorry, I thought I had included a link for the backup options article.


The screenshot is from a backup of the data which was emailed to me.

One thing to note with the backups is that they may not include the most recent data, this is because the backups run off a copy of the data as to not affect performance of the live system

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