Exporting sales invoice payments

I am looking to do some analysis on my sales invoice payments in excel. I have almost 500 in total and would, ideally, like to select all and send to excel in one ‘batch’. Is this possible or must I go page by page from QF and append each page to a spreadsheet? Would be grateful for any suggestions. Thank you.

If you run a backup of your account this will include a full list of all sales receipts in CSV format. Look out for the following file in the zip folder:


Not sure how to run an ‘on demand’ backup as in the backup settings area it only offers the chance to set up a weekly or monthly schedule. I don’t need to do this. Could you please guide me. thank you.

Hi Robin,

If you go into your back up settings, you should see an option to “Run Now”:


I am only getting an option to create a schedule…

That could be why. Create the schedule first (you can always deactivate it if you wish), and then you should see the option to “Run Now”

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