Extracting records

Hi, I’m needing to provide my employer with a full granuar extract of the client data (including all the contact details) and also the invoices (including the ITEM data).

The backups dont provide this.

The client has 1322 invoices on the system.

I’ve managed to create an App (using VBA in Access) which pulls out all the InvoiceID’s and then I have a loop which goes through each Invoice Id which

  • Pull out the Invoice + Item detail (each request a separate submission)
  • Load it into Access Tables

loop until finished

However, i’ve ran out of my Submission Limit.

  1. Is there a preferred way to do this by running a single API request and getting output of multiple invoice id’s (rather than one request per invoice)
  2. Can the client have their submission limit raised.

I haven’t added the clientname but I have used the “contact me box” to request the increase in limit.

It is likely that after my dev work the extract / load process is likely to need to be run weekly… however I would be happy to add a limit to the invoice collection by adding a date range.


The code I’m using is here to do the loop and fetch…

Access_Invoice_Get.txt (5.8 KB)

Unfortunately the API doesn’t have a way to batch together multiple requests under one single call. We are however happy to bump up your limit. Feel free to send me a private message on the forum with your account number and I will increase the limit for you.