Extracting VAT figures from sales and purchases

Hi All

I have asked this before but for some reason can’t find the replies now I need them.

I need to do a vat figures to my account and need to extract the VAT from sales and purchases for Jan,Feb and March.

If you know of an easy was to do this, let me know please.

Also is there actually a way of speaking to someone at Quickfile and/or people who can couch you through quickfile?


see if this helps VAT Returns Guide


The QuickFile support team to do actively monitor these forums and reply to the majority of topics.

As for coaching on QuickFile, this isn’t something we actively offer, however, there are users on the forum who are may be willing to help with this.

As always, if there is something you’re wondering how to do, please feel free to ask the question on the forum and more often than not, someone will get back to you with a response.

Click on your profile, then activity > topics.

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