Failure to send email invoices?

Trying to send invoices by email and I now get an error message saying email format is invalid. This has only just happened and I haven’t changed anything, please advise.

It may be worth checking out this topic with the same issue:

I don’t think you’re using your own SMTP server if I’m looking at the right account? If you are then take a look at the link @Parker1090 mentions. Otherwise I’ll need to get some more info from you in relation to the invoice number you’re trying to send.

Its invoice 002356 on Well Placed Events a/c. I can send the invoice by ticking the checkbox on the general invoice screen and click ‘send selected’ but when I try and send it from the actual invoice modification screen it says invalid format?
Its odd that I can send it from one part of the software but not another?

Oh, you actually are using your own SMTP details.

The host name you have supplied is definitely wrong. It should be something like Check with your Email provider they should be able to verify your settings.

why has this suddenly become invalid though as I havent changed anything?

And I am able to send them via one part of the client details but not from the actual invoice screen. Doesnt make sense if there was something wrong with smtp servers I would e be able to send them full stop?

It’s not getting sent from either methods. It’s just on the other send option it’s not showing the error message.

I now have the exact error message your server is returning:

{"Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: Access denied - Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821"}

I believe some update with your hosting provider is causing this. We haven’t changed anything on our side and I can see many emails are going through fine with other SMTP hosts.

Can you read the above message to your hosting provider, perhaps they can shed some light on this.

OK i will try and find out what the problem is with my hosting provider then.

The invoices are appearing in the clients portal though with sent next to them so they are obviously getting through somehow?

Yes the actual process of updating the invoices to SENT is fine. It’s after that the system attempts to connect to your SMTP server to send the email to prompt them to login and view the invoice.

Have you changed your password for your email, or the email itself? When I Google the error that’s what’s coming up as the usual suspect. If you go to the SMTP settings area in QF and try to resend the activation email that should help.

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