Fast Tag Mode - Exits On Skip

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Doesn’t seem to work, if I skip it still keeps asking me to tag it. Is there another setting that I need to check to enable this or should it just work? Not tried it on delete yet.

To my knowledge “Skip” is not really that sophisticated. All it does is take the current document in the index and cursors forward one. If you only have one item left to tag, skipping will just keep reloading the same item.

Do you still have multiple untagged items in your Receipt Hub? Is there any way I can replicate this behaviour in your account?

No, I’ve tagged everything now. I will try this again when it is loaded up again but there were 3 items left to tag, I had already tagged 7 or 8 items. The 3rd item I wasn’t sure about so I skipped it, I then tagged the 2nd item and then I got presented with item 3 again. I skipped it again and then obviously at this point there weren’t enough entries for me to replicate the issue so I just carried on and finished tagging things.

OK I think I know why this happens. When an item is tagged on “fast tag mode” it just reloads the page rather than emulating a skip. It’s a tricky one to explain but the reload methods are different.

We’re going to change the fast tag to always emulate a skip. When all documents are skipped it will go back to the first one again. I think that should solve this problem.

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This should work as expected now, in fast tag mode when it pages to the next item we’re treating it like a skip action now. That should prevent the system from always reverting back to the first item on the list.