Feature Request - Add review date for Recurring Invoices


I sell services yearly. I hope to have 1000 customers and will utilise the Recurring Invoice facility. I need to be able to easily review yearly Recurring Invoices, before the next one is sent and I am researching the best method.

I also have monthly Recurring Invoices.

Currently on the Recurring Invoices screen the Schedule column displays the Next Invoice Due date, but I cannot discern from this column if this is a monthly or yearly Recurring Invoice. I therefore use the Short Ref. field and add a suitable ref. EG Review March 2015.

The problem is if you have a lot of invoices this is a very manual process.

Feature Request

When creating a Recurring Invoices Profile I would like the option of adding a review date if required.

Creating the review date to be as simple as possible. For yearly invoices perhaps a dropdown option of 1 month before or 2 months before etc.

On the Dashboard I would then like to see Recurring Invoices review reminders.

Perhaps a click of a button would then display the relevant Recurring Invoices on the Recurring Invoices screen. I would of course then need to be able to reset the renew date to +1 year.

This Feature would help greatly in managing yearly Recurring Invoices.


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I add my vote to this feature request