Feature request - e-mail when x number of invoices have not been paid


I was wondering if a feature could be added to QF which would certainly save me a lot of time and probably many others.

Most of our customers are billed on a regular basis, usually monthly - think Netflix style recurring payments.

The problem we have is that we have to constantly check QF to see which customers have not paid us for a few months. What would be really helpful was if there was a feature where you could set QF to e-mail our help desk e-mail account if:

  1. A customer has x outstanding invoices
  2. A customer has £x outstanding on their account

This would help us as we use our help desk system to chase customers who have not paid.

Does this make sense? Would others find it useful?

Kind regards


Hi @favdes

Thank you for your suggestion.

Perhaps using our webhook service with Zapier could help? There may be some software that you use that’s compatible with Zapier. Or using something as simple as their email service would be useful too?

If you have a developer on your team, you could even build a little script your end to suit your own needs.

See here for more info:

There’s also this existing feature request which you could add your vote to;


Hi @QFMathew

I have spoken to Zapier but apparently this isn’t possible with the access that they currently have.

Is it possible if we pay a developer to add this feature some how?

Kind regards


Hi @favdes

Unfortunately, you can’t pay for new features with QuickFile. Unlike some accounting software, as we’re cloud based a change to your version will affect everyone else’s version too, which is why we like to see demand from the community before we implement most of our features.

A lot of our features are based on community demand. We leave all feature request topics open for others to add their vote. So, providing there is enough support from the community, we’re happy to investigate further and see if we can work it.

You can either leave this thread as it is, or add your vote to the existing topic that @Lurch has linked to above - or both.

Alternatively, you could look to employ a developer who may be able to build something using our webhook and API features. We do have a marketplace category that you’d be welcome to post this to.