Feature suggestion Poll's in Feature forum

Would it be possible to consider adding Poll’s to the feature forum, as a way of gauging customer interest in a particular feature suggestion ?

While i like reading all the topic, its sometimes hard to Judge who is definitely for a suggestion and who is on the fence or doesn’t think it would be useful ?

Surely this would also be useful to the founder/s.

If you go to the “Feature” category you will see a list of all proposed features.


You can then order by “Likes” by clicking the column header.

Anything that you’d like to see moved forward just go into the topic and add your vote.

This is how we’re currently gauging the demand for features in QuickFile.

Ah ok, sorry i always assume the feature of like with facebook and similar, thanks for the heads up.

I think I’d use that as a very loose rough guide with a pinch of salt. I had no idea that this was what the intended use for these buttons was, I always likened the like button to some pointless added clutter like what you might find on some social networking site, I jab it from time to time, didn’t realise it was meant for anything useful though.

I think you should mention how you expect people to use some of these features if they are not how you would expect them to be used. Would help if Discourse actually worked properly to start with, I haven’t bothered looking into some of the quirks of the forum but Jeff is busy reinventing the wheel for some reason and there’s enough people doing pointless things these days so I just ignore most of the forum “features”. Why do topics have some sort of quad state view? What is a badge meant to be for? Why do we have to have infinite scroll? Why can’t it count properly?

@Lurch, I’m not sure if you used our old GetSatisfaction forum but it was a whole world of pain, also they wanted to jack the price up to $400 a month! I actually really like Discourse, it seems relatively banal but being able to Ctrl + V images into the composer saves me a lot of time. It does rely heavily on javascript so I think different browsers will result in quite different user experiences.

I also think if the heart icon was substituted for the classic Facebook thumbs-up it would get used much more! There’s whole debate on that subject here :slight_smile:

I’ll admit there are some nice features within Discourse but I would say it is still very beta in general. I realise you are busy with Quickfile itself but I think the forum could do with some customising as there seems quite a few things that a default Discourse install seems to add that I don’t think you need here and a few things that would work better if you tweaked them a bit. That said I have seen much worse so horses for courses, or something.

phpBB FTW!

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