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Apologies if this is answered elsewhere but I haven’t found it. I did find this (C79: Import VAT / Import Duty / Handling Fees - #2 by Joe) but it’s not the same as it applies to import duty, not import VAT.

Anyway, I paid a Canadian company to make some metalwork. It qualified for ‘free’ shipping to the UK - that invoice is paid £261.04.

I now have an invoice from Fedex for:

I have paid Fedex the £54.95

So how do I tag the separate invoices from the Supplier and Fedex?
The ‘original VAT’ isn’t 20% of the £261.04 (that would be £52.21 not £42.27).

I don’t have a C79 yet - it will turn up a few months after my VAT return has to be submitted (or it usually does, anyway).

I should add that my aim is to reclaim the import VAT that I paid to Fedex - I don’ t know what to do about the ‘disbursement fee’ which appears to be their fee for the customs clearance (I think)?

Many thanks.

Actually, maybe that original link did have the correct procedure in it - I used Import VAT instead of Import Duty - like this:

Does this look correct?
And what do I do about the fact that the ‘Orignal VAT’ isn’t 20% of the original order?

OK Still unclear - I have prepared my quarterly VAT return. Despite the fact that I have prepared the receipt and tagged it like this:

When I download the CSV file of the figures for the VAR return, the box 4 and box 7 figures for Fedex VAT are zero. Actually I paid Fedex £54.95 of which £42.27 is VAT. Is this a bug?

(Only relevant entries shown):


Hello @Magicbean

I can see from your screenshots the receipt data is the 06/05/22 and the Invoice date is 20/04/2022.

Are you on cash accounting? and are you trying to to prepare the return up to 30 Apr 2022 , if so the return will not be affected until 1 May 2022 - 31 Jul 2022 return as this is when the payment date falls.

Hi @QFSteve,

Sorry - you’re absolutely right - I forgot to change the date on the receipt.

Hangs head in embarrassment

Thank you very much for pointing that out!

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