Feed is lagging for one day

Seems the revised bank feed refresh feature is lagging for one day. It used to be real-time if I manually refresh it, now it only picks T-1 transactions.

Hi @sy8111

Can you please let me know what bank your feed is for?

By one day, do you mean that today will be showing transactions for 09/07/2020?

HSBC. I notice this recently after the feed refresh UI changed. On 09/07/2020 it only shows transactions up to 08/07/2020, for example.

Hi sy8111,
A few banks use a live feed, which means you can see your transactions more or less in real-time. The majority of the banks with auto feed are updated over night, once in 24 hours. That means all your transactions up to about midnight are shown in quickfile on the next day. In your case, all transactions on the 8th July 2020 are shown on the 9th; Transactions from the 9th will be shown on the 10th.

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OK, maybe it’s because HSBC changed their feed policy, not Quickfile fault.

I have known a lag to occur with some HSBC figures in the past. This was from viewing in my online account so it was definitely on their side.

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