Feed not working hsbc

Hello, I have updated my live feed, and it has not pulled down new transactions from my account?

Hi @wills2018

Sorry to hear about that.

What type of feed are you using? Is it for a current account?

I had an email asking to renew the live feed on my current account, I have done what’s requested, but its not pulling new transactions from this account?

When was the last time it run successfully?

What type of feed is it (e.g. Open Banking or Yodlee), and what type of account is it for with HSBC?

open banking, current account

last time it worked was 30/11/19

Thanks for the info. I’ve managed to locate your account and run a check on it. It looks like HSBC is returning an error, which unfortunately means the most we can do for the moment is report it to HSBC directly.

In the mean time, it may be worth completely revoking the feed (not just disconnecting it), and re-authenticating it again. In some cases, this is enough to fix it on the bank’s side.

If needed, we should be able to pull in those missing entries for you as it’s only over a short period.

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when can you pull in the missing transactions as my accountant is running a report next week?

Providing it’s all re-authenticated and linked to the QuickFile bank account, and HSBC returns the data all OK, we can do it shortly afterwards.

If HSBC don’t return the data, we would need to refer the issue to them.

Just checked my other account, the same problem, do I have to enter the transactions manually for both again?

Also I have downloaded a credit card statement, and it has put in credits, instead of debits,how do I change this please?

HSBC have had some issues over the last few days which has affected a small number of users. This prevents the feed from running. It may be worth giving it a few hours and seeing what happens, or perhaps even contacting HSBC directly.

Inputting the transactions manually on this occasion may be the best option.

Regarding credit card statements, these are the reverse of bank statements, so the CSV file will need to be edited beforehand. I’m sure we have a post on this somewhere, so will take a look and update my post.

Hello, current accounts seem to be working again, although I have duplicates due to manually updating,
Is there any update on savings and credit card accounts ?
Also with regards to credit cards, you were looking at info for me as transactions were put in as credits, I’m unsure how to correct this?

I Have tried to amend the spread sheet but its telling me " is the spreadsheet , mapped correctly? "

I just swapped the amounts over i.e. debits to paid and credits to paid out?

Unfortunately, there are no updates on this - we’re still waiting for HSBC to update their systems.

You can check on the availability here: https://www.quickfile.co.uk/openbanking/providers/hsbc

Apologies, I couldn’t find the topic I was thinking of.

However, all you’re doing is effectively flipping the values - positive numbers become negative, and vise-versa. So yes, essentially, you could just map the columns differently if they’re separate. If they’re not (as in both money in and money out are the same column), you can use something like Excel and just do a sum in the cell next to the value to times it by -1:
=D12*-1 for example

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Sorry could you explain, where do i add another Colum

I am not sure which way to amend the spreadsheet?

Hi @wills2018

I’ve removed your screenshot as this is a public forum.

Can I just check, in reference to your screenshot, have you switched the columns, or is that file as it was when you downloaded it?

This is as it was I haven’t amended it as I don’t know what to do?