Feed stopped working account number changes

My feed stopped working and it has diferent last 2 digits than my account. I did not change it and now i dont know how to correct it. Im paying for feed and i must enter everything manually . Im so fed up

Hi @home101.uk

Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with the bank feeds.

Can I just check, by the last 2 digits, do you mean the actual account number being shown?
Is everything showing correctly on the Open Banking page (Banking > Open Banking Feeds)?

Yes last 2 digits of actual bank account. I had to create new account with correct account number but truely i should have only one

Hello @home101.uk

It may be worth Revoking the feed(s).

In your Banking screen you can check the account numbers on your bank accounts by viewing them and selecting More Options > Settings

Re link the feed(s) giving authorisation to the account(s) required and linking them to the relevant QuickFile account(s)

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