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File upload problem

seem to be having a problem uploading files as purchase attachments both browsing and drag and drop. Initially I get the upload pop up but it does nothing


Then I get this message. “Oops It looks like there was a problem saving this file!”

I tried to upload an image of this error message to this topic but ironically I got an error message saying “Sorry , there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”

I have tried logging out and re opening the browser etc but no luck. This was all working earlier today.

Any ideas

Hi @tc5440,

It could be your internet speed if it was working fine earlier?


internet is fine. Speed is around 36Mbps

Download speed is around 5Mbps

If you right-click and “inspect element” or similar, then try uploading again, do you get any messages in the developer tools error console?