Filing Annual Accounts Service

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Hi Glenn,

Just wondering - does the service also involve correcting any possible mistakes made during the Tagging process.

I’d like to think that I have selected the correct tags/codes for all the business transactions - however if there are any mistakes, will the accountant look at these and makes changes where necessary.

Also I have all of my invoices stored on my hard-drive (I have not uploaded these to QuickFile as I found it easier to create the simple automatic ones when Tagging payments), do I need to upload these?

Many thanks,


Hi @pjarmstrong

This was in @Glenn’s original post:

Basically, the accounts service is based on what you’ve entered as being correct. If there are any errors, then you can discuss this with the accountant at the time and they’ll advise on how to proceed. A full list of what’s included is in the topic you linked from.

The process will also guide you through a check list to ensure that particular parts of your accounts are correct (all entries tagged, opening balances are correct etc.)

It’s not a requirement to have them stored with QuickFile, but it could possibly make your life a bit easier. The only requirement from HMRC is to have a copy of the original document. If this is digital, it needs to show all the information from the original invoice/document (including the front and back).

I hope that helps!