Filing Company Tax Return CT600

Hi. I am trying to find suitable and reasonably priced software provider in order to file our company tax return CT600. Previously, we used HMRC software. As our annual turnover exceeds HMRC threshold we have to use commercial software going forward. I tried to contact suggested BTC Software ltd. They asked whether QuickFile accounts are produced in iXBRL format. Please help. Many thanks. Olga

No QF or any other software wont produce iXBRL format, you can get TB from QF and code it on any statutory accounts production software to produce iXBRL format for accounts to be submitted with CT.

Now accounts production softwares can cost some thing from just over £1000 to couple of 1000s e,g sage , Iris, CCH to name some. Your best bit would be to get it done from one of QF accountants . You can get this option from getting quotations through QF system

Are there any alternatives? We have already submitted our accounts to Company House, also the tax bill has been calculated and paid to HMRC. £1000 charge or using accountant sounds rather expensive option. I’d be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks

Best is try getting quote through QF as statutory softwares are expensive plus you will have to learn software as well

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You could take a look at Andica - they do a very reasonably priced 1 company software. Obviously as FaradayKeynes has said there’s no substitute for experience, but if you are confident you can handle the form they do make straightforward software.

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Thank you. I’ll try Andica…

I use Ftax for bulk tax returns but for a one off I too have used Andica as its cheaper for single company CT600 software

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