Filing sales correctly

I work as a freight forwarder.
I dont own any vehicles, I simply take my clients delivery requirements onboard and find the most suitable option and add a slight mark up to the couriers price.

I was looking to make sure that I was logging my sales correctly.

Until now, I have been logging them as general sales - Nominal code 4000.

was just looking to make sure that this was correct? Or would anyone recommend a more suitable code?

Providing the income you receive I.e the cost you pass on to the freight Company and the mark up you charge is all taxable income then yes that’s fine.

If however you are only taxable against the markup then no it would need to be changed.

I don’t know much about your profession so I’m unsure if the cost you pass on is treated as part of your income or not.

@Paul_Courtier The supplier (sub-contractor) invoices me and I then invoice the customer plus my mark up.

The vat is applied to the full invoice and not just to the portion which I am marking up.

Would that mean that I would be right to keep it under general sales?

Yes that will be fine.

Thank you for your help with this :slight_smile:

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