Filter Purchase Invoices by status - Credit

Hi QF team,
I just noticed that in the purchase management screen, any purchase invoices that have been “credited” cannot be filtered. The filter can be applied to all other status ie - Paid, Unpaid, Overdue etc, but not invoices that have been credited. If this can be implemented it will be good, as all invoices credited can be filtered ie all “Credit Notes” can be filtered on the screen.



Hi Rahul,

I will make a suggestion to the dev team tomorrow and let you know on that one.

Many thanks for addressing this. I also notice that there are two categories - “Credit” & “Credited” of invoice status. I wonder what is the difference as both were used in my instance to send the goods back to supplier in exactly same way. Are they the same thing ?

“Credit” is for a credit note, and “Credited” appears on the origin invoice to which the credit has been applied.

I have a bit more info on the filtering now. Basically we should be able to allow filtering on fully credited invoices, but unfortunately not where there are partial credits. This is due to the way the underlying data is stored, i.e. for partially credited invoices they adopt the status “Fully Paid”. We can’t assign two statuses to a single invoice, so it must be one or the other and I would imagine many would also expect part credited invoices to show up as fully paid.

You can however still filter on all your credits and drill down to the underlying origin invoice.

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