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Filter Purchases by specific tag


Being able to filter project tags in the purchase screen would be great.

POs are often tagged more than one way for me, and being able to filter by a specific tag (not just by ‘untagged’ or ‘tagged’ - so, different to this: Filter by tag on purchases and invoices ) would be really valuable to me. I’m often using tags for sub-categorising, which then allows me to break down my reporting further. Since I have quite a few POs in any given year, being able to filter down to a shorter list, such that I can add a second tag easily to some that are already tagged with a particular tag, would be very useful.


You can filter like this but it’s several clicks via the tag summary page (reports -> projects -> “view” the appropriate tag, then show tagged items -> all purchase invoices).


Yes, that works (but a bit long winded) - would be nice to have this functionality off the Purchase Invoice pages directly. Thanks.
Edit: Purchase Invoice, not PO, as QFSupport points out below.


Hi @mlawson

What sort of thing would you be looking for here? For example, how would you expect to be able to do this from the page directly? We can certainly consider it, and will happily look into it further if there is enough interest from the community.

(I assume you mean Purchase Invoice page rather than Purchase Order page?)


Ideally as part of the Advanced Search box, so that Project Tags is a dropdown multi-select list that pre-populates from tags that exist in Purchase Invoices (or all project tags). That could replace the radio selector for (all / untagged / tagged)


Yes, that would be nice. I would like to have this functionality as well.


We’re updating this to “planned”, it should be ready in a few days.

Project tags

I can confirm that tag filtering is now possible within the purchase and sales invoice overview screens.


When you check the “Tagged” option in the advanced search panel a tag filter input will appear below, allowing you to filter by a specific project tag.


Many thanks, that works well.


That’s amazing!!


Great addition thank you
Would it be possible to have a multi select dropdown list (as I think someone previously suggested). We would like to be able to breakdown costs over multiple project tags


Hello @MikeC

It could be added as a future enhancement - we’re always open to suggestions. It may be worth posting this as a separate feature request for other users to add their comments on that specific suggestion (and it makes it easier for us to track it too)