Final VAT return - cash accounting include invoices paid late

I am in the process of liquidating my company. I ceased to trade on 5 March, I have deregistered for VAT correctly and had the letter from HMRC telling me to submit my final return.

When I go to prepare the final return in Quickfile it has fetched the final trading date of 5 March 2020, and this is fixed in my VAT period end date. (I am using MTD of course…)

However I have always used cash accounting for my VAT returns so there are three weeks of payments that did not arrive until after 5 March. How can I get these to be included in my final return?

Answering my own question… the answer appears to be that I simply add the appropriate adjustments manually on the return.

Hi @Thurston

Glad you managed to resolve this! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help any further.