Firefox browser not displaying client's invoice correctly

A client as reported that when viewing his invoice using Firefox browser the information is jumbled up.
I have logged in using Firefox to have a look and the body of the invoice has jumped up to where part of the invoice header details are listed. When printed the information is shown correctly, it is only displaying incorrectly.

It looks like you’re currently on the old invoice style, this is due to be phased out within the next few months. I can move you to the new system and adapt the style as close as possible to your current design? This will fix the inconsistencies with the rendering in Firefox.

Hi Glenn,

I have just had a look again on Firefox to see if invoices in the client area are displaying correctly.

The display error on Firefox has been fixed when I switched to the new invoice style gallery but now the logo (abertreeservice) is displaying underneath the text. I have tried to upload the logo again and set to autosize both height & width, but this has not fixed it.

What should I do?


It looks like you have changed your invoice logo. I have edited the CSS to resize the logo and move the labels further down the page. If in future you need to make modifications to an invoice style you can use the CSS Editor explained here.