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First Quarterly VAT return - backdated

I have set my 1st VAT return start date as July 2019 (the same date I registered to start quarterly returns with HMRC) and my quickfile settings show “Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct”.

I then go to prepare my first return in Quick file and it connects to HMRC but the intermediary window shows the “end date” as “30th Nov 2019” and that the due date is not until “7th January 2020…”…where as I was expecting the end date to be September 30th for the first period.

Then when I prepare the return, the date range shows July 1st to November 30th (5 months??) and then if I try to submit the return, HMRC (not surprisingly send me an error code 403 saying the Tax period is not ended

Can anyone explain how I can change the end date to Septmeber 30th for the first return?

Hi @Emerging

The dates you see here are actually returned to us by HMRC - we don’t set these. There seems to be a bit of confusion here I think with the VAT periods, so it’s worth checking with HMRC what your periods are.

Your VAT certificate should show this (available in your HMRC VAT account).

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