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First use of linked to business bank account

Hi, we have today paid for our business HSBC bank account to be linked to Quickfile, and so far it is making little sense to us - starting with the balance figure being not very close to the actual amount in the account.

Is there anywhere that we can read up about how it works please?

Hi @yrtcmp

Which balance figure are you referring to? Do you mean the one on the bank statement view?

It’s worth noting the feed will only work from the day it’s set up. You can import transactions from up to 28 days before that day though.

Hi yrtcmp,
Are you new to quickfile? Then you should start with uploading a Trial Balance from your old system. Or you can enter a opening balance. Then you need to set the journal date to correspond with the date you started using QuickFile. May you find this helpful:

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