First vat return but don’t excel or spreadsheets

tried to complete first return but before entering it into 9 boxes it asks to enter my figures on a spreadsheet, so Quick file can access it through ecel and I don’t use either, just transferring from paper invoices, thanks.

Hello @Archie1805

The MTD scheme HMRC brought in means you will no longer be able to store paper based records and they must be stored digitally.

They have given 2 options

  • Enter all your paper based transactions in a spreadsheet and use compatible bridging software to do your submission.
  • Enter all your transactions into MTD compliant software and use it to do the submission.

QuickFile offers both methods
Our Bridging Module is £45 + vat annually
QuickFile is free up to your first 1000 nominal postings in a rolling 12 month period then £45 + vat annually after that.

If you are coming from paper based records and have to digitise your records anyway.
Posting them directly into QuickFile would be the simplest and cheapest option as the software may most likely be free (if you do not have many transactions).

If you prefer to use a spreadsheet and the Bridging Module here are the instructions - VAT Bridging

PLEASE NOTE you can not just have a spreadsheet containing values for boxes 1-9 as the whole point of the MTD system is that there is a clear digital link to your backing data/transactions.

Hi Steve,
Yes i dont want to use Bridging so i dont check the box but when go to enter my figures for the return it says im not authorised to use my vat no. I already authorised Quickfile on Hmrc site so maybe to do with my settings. Small amount of invoices only 38.

Hello @Archie1805

You do not enter the figures directly into the VAT return.

If you are not using the Bridging module the Vat return is calculated automatically from the transactions (sales and purchase invoices) which you have entered into QuickFile.

I can not see any Sales or Purchase invoices entered onto QuickFile. you will need to enter these for the return to generate once your have resolved the below error.

You are not yet authorised to view this report for the VRN xxxxxxxx . Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.

If you’re seeing that your account isn’t authorised, it’s often down to one of a few things:

  • You’ve linked the wrong HMRC account (e.g personal account, rather than your organisation’s account)
  • The VAT number is incorrect
  • You haven’t enrolled on MTD with HMRC
  • You have enrolled on MTD recently, but not yet received confirmation
  • HMRC have confirmed your enrolment, but you haven’t yet waited 72 hours

Hi Steve,
Yes i have entered all the invoices in the sales and some entries in the purchases and they are in the archive, do i need to enter elsewhere. I am aware that you cant just enter the vat figures. I will check the authorisation again but im concerned that you cant see my sales entries etc. Thanks.

Just to check, have you told quickfile how these invoices were paid - bank account, cash account …?

No i haven’t, might this be the problem?
Thanks .

Hello @Archie1805

I see them, they are marked as drafts (as far as the ledgers are concerned they don’t exist yet.)

You need to mark them as sent

Select them all
Click Send Selected
You will see this screen
Tick each box in the last column and save
(or make sure each client has an email if you want them to be emailed out and select all in the first column)

Once the Authorisation issue is resolved they will all be picked up by the return.

If you don’t use the auto bank feed. Just go into every invoice and tag them as paid and enter your details how you paid it (bank account, cash account …). If not done already, you may should create a bank account within quickfile first.
Hope this helps

Thanks Steve and rhc, i will follow your instructions and hopefully this will solve the problem, will try this evening after ive done some work!. I will double check authorisation again although i spoke to Vat last week and they said was ok, system just waiting for request to send return in. Thanks guys, no doubt ill be back in due course .

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