First VAT return, EC Sales List and MTD

Hi all, I am preparing for my first ever VAT return and my business is providing service to a EU based company. In some of my invoice I have EC reversed charge and in some other (post brexit) I use zero rated VAT.

I do not really understand what EC Sales List are for and whether I need to register on HMRC for them first or not.

Do quickfile handle that for me automatically ? Does it includes “Reverse Charge Sales List” ?

In my settings for VAT return I have this option:
Enable EC Sales Filing:
Check this box if you are making EC Sales and you need to digitally file an EC Sales List to HMRC.

How do I know if I should answer yes here, and what are the consequences ?

Do I need to have MTD enabled first too or is it a separate thing ?


Hi @wighawag,

Apologies for the delay in replying to your post. I hope that you have managed to find your answer. But if you are still unsure then I would suggest that you should speak to an accountant to make sure you know what you’re doing in regards to VAT etc.

Once you know what you need to do we can assist you with what settings you need in QuickFile

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Hi @QFBeth Thanks for the reply. I contacted with my accountant and got my answers. If I need more info about quickfile in that regard, going to create a new topic. thanks.

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