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First VAT Return Error


I generated my first VAT Return using dates 30/09/18 - 29/12/18 and downloaded the calculations in order to check them. I noticed that a sales invoice dated 05/01/19 & four purchases after 29/12/18 have been included. Other than deleting them, how can I prevent this? I have checked each purchase/sales invoice to make sure I have entered the correct dates.

Any help would be appreciated


Are you on cash or accrual accounting for VAT? If cash accounting it’s the date of the payment that matters, not the date of the invoice.


I’m on cash accounting for VAT. I’ve noticed that the only invoices dated January that have been included are marked as paid, all the unpaid ones have been, correctly, omitted. The dates they were paid all fall after 29/12 so shouldn’t be included. I could delete the payments and run the VAT return report again I suppose.


Hi @Smardons

Just to confirm - your VAT return (for dates 30/09/2018 - 29/12/2018) are pulling in transactions from after this period?


Yes, it is, but only paid invoices/sales are pulled in. The unpaid ones have been excluded.


Although the invoices are after 29/12/2018, does the payment fall within the VAT return period?


No, the payments are made made after 29/12


It seems an odd date range for a VAT return, they would usually be whole months (so it’d normally be 1st Sep to 30th Nov or 1st Oct to 31st Dec).


Problem solved, my fault. I set my my VAT period start month incorrectly under VAT settings. When I changed it and re-ran the report it worked correctly. Thanks for your help and sorry for wasting your time.

I run my VAT report to the last Saturday in the month as my main suppliers end day for invoicing is Saturday. It saves having to split an invoice.


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