First VAT Return in Quick File

I’m new to Quick File and using it for MTD VAT filing. Yesterday I submitted my first VAT return in Quick File. I got an on screen message saying submitted. Today I looked at the Reports - VAT Return page it shows a submisssion date of “13 July 2019” but Status is “Saved”, shouldn’t Status be “Submitted”. Also the VAT Return is not showing on Government Gateway but that might take a couple of days to update. Thanks in advance for advice/re-assurance.

If it’s “saved” rather than “submitted” then it hasn’t been submitted to HMRC.

For the online submission to work you need

  • the correct tax account connected in Reports -> HMRC
  • “enable online filing” and “use MTD features” ticked in your VAT settings, and
  • the file online box ticked at the bottom of each return when you save it

You’ll need to check the first two of those are done, then “roll back” the saved return and create another one in its place, with the file online box ticked.



Thanks very much for the prompt, clear, helpful post. I followed your instructions and in 10 minutes every thing was sorted and my fist MTD VAT submission is filed.

Thanks again


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