First year end accounting Info request

How can I communicate with the accounts team if I do not understand the information they have requested?

What do you mean exactly…bit of a random question??

I don’t understand what documents they are requesting to enable them to file my accounts with companies house

Ask them to clarify?

This is the beauty of a cloud based book-keeping system - you can set them up with a suitable login on your QuickFile portal and let them extract whatever they need directly, you don’t need to understand the ins and outs yourself.

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Hi @Linda,

Do you mean your own accountant or the accountants at QuickFile?

As @ian_roberts says, you can just set up a log in for your own accountant if that is the case. Or, with QuickFile’s accountants, if you pay for their services, you can contact them (I believe) via your account dashboard. If you are using QF’s accountants, may be worth dropping either @Glenn or @Joe a PM on the forums.

Hope that helps.