First year-end, bookkeeping advice and tax return


I need the help of a professional.

We’re a very, very small company, the first year was focused on knowledge-intense administrative operations, so we don’t have plenty ledgers to account for now.

I was intending to use the year-end service to receive quotes from accountants, however, I will also need short consultation on tax and also advice on my bookkeeping practice.

Ideally, someone to look at our records and advice on optimisation and standards, then file the CT return with HMRC,

As far as I understand the year-end service is preparing journals and locking the records. Does that mean that it would be impossible to receive advice and correct bookkeeping records after this stage?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hello mgeezy,

The idea of the year end procedure would be to “tidy up” your accounts in that year before any final journals are done and the accounts are closed. If you are filing accounts for a Limited Company you definitely don’t want them changing after they are filed so it is a good practice. Being your first year it is a good opportunity, as you say, to create good habits and make sure everything is recorded correctly.

Also being your first year, you may have a loss that you can carry forward to reduce your tax next year as well but it depends on whether or not you had a lot of start up costs. You are definitely best getting a professional to prepare the CT600 and accounts for you at year end to make sure you are claiming everything you can and correctly.

If you would like me to send you a quote I would be happy to :wink:


Thank you Wendy for the clarification!

Well, the year is passed now and we didn’t think of tax planning earlier :slight_smile:
I’m afraid already we have a bit of tax to pay :slight_smile:

We have about 30 purchases and over 10 invoices. It’s not a big amount of records.

Please, kindly reach out with a quote :slight_smile:



The year-end service from Quickfile is not the same as running the year-end procedures. You can run the year-end procedure yourself, and this would close the accounting period and post the year-end journal. It does also lock the records, but this is something that can be reversed if absolutely necessary.

The year-end service will give you an idea of how much it would cost to have your accounts and tax return filed by a professional - who should then run the year-end for you. It should give you a list of accountants on Quickfile who are able to provide this service and how much they charge. This is definitely recommended for a limited company, however small.

Please be sure to check out their qualifications before you accept a quote from anyone. All accountants are not created equal :slight_smile: You should make sure that they are a member of a recognised professional body such as ACA, ACCA, AAT. This means they are regulated, have professional guidelines they must adhere to and will be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Claire Stephens ACA