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Fixtures & Fittings

For peace of mind can someone please confirm that you can claim the VAT on items I list under Fixtures and Fittings?
Essentially, we have installed new consumer units, armour flex caballing, twin and earth circuitry etc and I am going to categorise this under Fixtures and Fittings.
I believe my confusion maybe when buying F&F with a property.

Hi @HarefieldsCider

This may be something you’ll need to ask your accountant. In regards to QuickFile and a VAT return as long as you have specified the VAT element when entering the invoice then it will be picked up with the return

If this is fixtures and fittings installed in a commercial property or building that is used entirely for business, then you can reclaim the VAT. The test is that they must be “wholly and exclusively” for business purposes.
The rules are different for residential properties which are let out.
The rules are also different for capital allowances, if you’re doing your own tax return.

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