Flag invoice as sent

The ‘flag invoice as sent’ button has stopped working and the send button doesn’t seem to work either. The invoice remains as draft on the invoice list for the client. Is there a setting I can use to turn button back on?

Thank you in anticipation

Are you able to provide some further details please?

  1. Any invoices or clients in particular?
  2. What browser are you using?
  3. Are there any error messages, or does it just not work when you click it?
  4. Are you doing this in the invoice itself or through the invoice list?

Hi Parker

Thank you for reply. It happens on all invoices and all Clients.
I think what happened I inadvertently click the message box that comes up after you click the red ‘flag invoice as sent’ button. Consequently the red link doesn’t work anymore nor the send button above. What I need to know is how to turn this message box back on.

The message box appears to be back so problem solved!

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