Flexible checkboxes on invoices

Hi folks, I run a small online business and sell goods nationally on a next day service, at the moment on quickfile we create a new client and then raise an invoice for each transaction, this is all ok but where I run into issues is when a client doesn’t want the goods straight away or we are out of stock of a certain item and the client is happy to wait until the goods are back into stock. At the moment there is nowhere to mark an item as dispatched or returned etc and therefore we need to keep a separate record running along side quickfile. My thoughts are that if it was made an option to have a simple checkbox column on the show all sales page which could be customised to suit different situations, for example i would have 3 check boxes with titles “dispatched”, “returned” and “specific delivery date” (SDD). The same boxes would show to a fuller extent (for example could display a date for the specific delivery date box) when you open a specific invoice and would reflect whats shown on the show all sales page.
Something like this would save us huge amounts of time and reduce errors.
What does everyone else think?

One thing to add is that if this was adaptable it could work well with service providers to track progress of ongoing works etc.

Hi @alpha

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve changed your thread to a feature request for other users to add their vote and comments to.

One thing I will suggest, is perhaps looking at e-commerce systems and linking it with QuickFile through Zapier or a custom link using the API. Please let me know if you want any more information about either of these options.

One option may be to use project tagging. You can apply custom tags to invoices as a way to define different stages of the order process. You can then filter the search for specific tags.

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Yes thanks for that Glenn, we have tried this and use it but the issue is that you have to view the full invoice to see the project tags. It would be a massive advantage for us to be able to see something on the show all sales page.

Hi @alpha

You can view all the tags on the sales page - there’s a button in the top right hand corner to show these:

Which shows them like this:

Hope that helps.